Monthly Archives: November 2016

c# – Windows File Explorer extension for creating url shortcuts – Part 1

I like to save interesting websites as file system shortcuts in OneDrive directiory. It works nice using New->Shortcut in file explorer, but there is room for improvement. In first part we will look how to fetch website info and create url shortcut and in second will convert prepared code to file explorer extension. Development is easier using… Read More »

How to shoot Supermoon

Supermoon is up, here are short directions how to catch it on photo if you are not a pro: To photograph just the moon by itself, without any objects in the foreground, you will need a long telephoto lens like explained above to magnify the moon and try to fill as much of the frame as… Read More »

c# – Binding Textbox to System.Guid field

Today we look a bit closer on using Guid fields and binding them to edit controls. Binding itself is easy. For simple test let’s load dataset from file data.xml and bind and  and it to TextBox on screen. For simplicity data file is located on program’s  rood directory, so no full path given. public Form1()… Read More »