5 cents hint – Skype fails to start on Windows 10

By | 26. October 2016

After another Windows 10 update my Skype was lost. It started with Windows and was present in task manager but that was it – no graphical interface anywhere.

Tried to reinstall the version from Skye site, no luck. One more time, and one more time, reboot, reinstall with no any results.

Tried special Win 10 blend preview from app store. It worked, a bit unfamiliar but did the job … until i found out that it it is not possible to select and copy text from chat. Just full comment or nothing. So the urgent issue to get classical windows Skype application running came back.

Here comes the hint – unistall all Skype versions you might have, reboot and use http://ninite.com to install Skype. Just select one application (skype) , download the installer and run it. This was the silver bullet for me.


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