How to istall HACS – Home Assistant Community Store for fresh Home Assistant instance

By | 21. March 2023

HACS (Home Assistant Community Store) is an open-source extension for Home Assistant, which is an automation platform for home control. HACS provides a way for users to easily install and manage custom integrations, plugins, and themes developed by the Home Assistant community.

With HACS, users can browse a library of community-created add-ons and install them directly from within the Home Assistant interface. This makes it easy to add new functionality to Home Assistant without having to manually download, install, and configure individual components.

HACS also provides a mechanism for developers to share their work with the Home Assistant community and get feedback from users. This creates a collaborative environment where users can contribute to the development of Home Assistant and make it even more powerful and versatile.

Overall, HACS is a valuable tool for Home Assistant users and developers alike, making it easier to customize and enhance their smart home automation experience.

There is a pretty big chance that you will need community pojects available only in HACS. Before starting make account in Github if you don’t already have it.

If you don’t have Teminal  installed then start with this.

Click on your name in left bottom corner of the screen an enable Advanced mode

Go to Settings -> Add-ons

Find Termina and click on it.

Install it.

For easier access add it to Sidebar and then start the service.

Now open it, you should see something like this:


Next are the steps to install HACS on a fresh Home Assistant instance:

1. Go to Terminal.
2. Type the following code: wget -O – | bash –
3. Wait until the code is downloaded.
4. Now reboot Home Assistant.
5. Go to Settings -> Devices and Services.
6. Click Add integration and search for HACS.
7. If you do not see HACS in the list, then please clear your browser cache and try again.
8. Click HACS.

If you get errors about bad address then just repeat the install command:

Don’t forget to restart HA:

Under Settings -> Devices and Services add HACS

If you get this error then repeat adding process:

Correct response is this


Click on link and authorize access.

And HACS is installed:



You can find more information on the following links:
– [](
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