Integrated Intel graphics doesn’t work for hdmi or dvi

By | 25. December 2014

Just got new monitor and tried to connect it to computer using hdmi. But all I got after windows splash screen was black screen. I have integrated Intel HD 3000, but after digging around it seems to be general integrated HD borards issue. Thanks to this post Workaround for black screen problem I got it running in next morning. Here is the summary :


    • Download the Windows Driver Kit (WDK):
    • Open the ISO file. (I’d recommend 7-Zip for that –, I’ll only be convering how to do it with 7-Zip here.) Just right-click on the file an choose 7-Zip > Open or drag it into 7-Zip file manager
    • Once opened, enter the WDK subfolder (I hope all of this is correct, as I don’t have the ISO anymore and am writing this according to tutorials on the net)
    • There you should have three files with the prefix “setuptools_”. If you are on 32bit choose, if you are on 64bit
    • Double-click on that file and you should see a file named _devcon.exe_00000_
    • Extract that file to wherever you want (I choose C:\devcon) and rename it to devcon.exe
    • That’s that, now we have our devcon.exe
  • If you haven’t yet, install the Intel driver, but don’t reboot (the display should still work until you reboot)
  • Find out the device id:
    • Open a command line window (type cmd in the start menu) and navigate to where you copied your devcon.exe (If it is under C:\devcon type cd c:\devcon)
    • run devcon.exe find *
    • That will give you a list of the IDs of all the devices in your computer. Now you have to look through that and find your graphics adapter. For example, mine is listed as “Intel(R) HD Graphics Family”.
    • Note the device ID before that name. For me it’s PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0112&SUBSYS_D0001458&REV_09\3&13C0B0C5&0&10
  • Create the script to disable and reenable the device:
    • Create a new file with the following contents:

c:\devcon\devcon.exe disable ID_OF_YOUR_DEVICE

c:\devcon\devcon.exe enable ID_OF_YOUR_DEVICE

    • Replace C:\devcon\ with wherever you placed your devcon.exe
    • Name the file however you like, but give it a .cmd extension (be sure to have “hide extensions for known file types” turned off in Windows)
  • Create a task to run the script when windows starts:
    • Start the task scheduler: Go to the Control Panel, System and Security, Administrative Tools or type task in the start menu and select the task scheduler (right click and select Run as Administrator if you aren’t an Administrator on your computer)
    • Create a new task (don’t use basic task)
    • Name it whatever you like, then change the user the task is run as to “SYSTEM” (otherwise it won’t run)
    • Select “Run with highest privileges
    • Create a new trigger and select “On Startup
    • Create a new action and select the file you created in the previous step
    • Maybe change the energy options if you are using a laptop
  • Reboot
  • Finished! 🙂


NB! disable standby or use for example WinHotKey and define own key combinition to execute same script.



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