MSSQL Server – Creating A New Database From A Backup Of Another Database

By | 30. August 2020

Today’s task is to backup database in one MSSQL server and restore database on another server. There is no direct connection between this setup, so backup can be transferred only via ftp.

  • First, create a blank target database.

  • Then, in “SQL Server Management Studio” restore wizard, look for the option to overwrite target database. It is in the ‘Options’ tab and is called ‘Overwrite the existing database (WITH REPLACE)’. Check it.
  • Checking also ‘Close existing connections’ will not hurt.

  • Remember to select source backup file in ‘General’ page.

If all is set  click OK button on Restore window. Depending your database size it might take some time.

If all went well you will see confirmation screen



You can not restore backup of newer SQL server on older one but restoring older version on latest SQL server should be OK.

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