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By | 7. February 2016

Recently i decided to synchronize Pages files on iPad to OneDrive. The applications works fine. But on Windows PC all the files look a like and if files have not obvious names, then it is hard to tell what file is what.  First thought was to look for a Pages files viewer but it seems not to be so easy and even with viewer you have to open the file to see content.

So instead I developed small file explorer extension. This will show Pages files thumbnails as preview images. The piger icons you select in folder view, the better the results are.

If uou are interested in similar issues then here are excellent articles:

.NET Shell Extensions – Shell Thumbnail Handlers  by Dave Kerr


SharpShell Windows Shell Extensions using the .NET Framework.

The result for now is not polished product, but it will do the job. Instead of anonymous thumbnails you will see Pages files previews :


Pages Thumbnails Extension

Pages Thumbnails Extension


You can download current version here (bust be logged in user)

Pages Thumbnails Extension for Windows (0 downloads)

The zip archive contains registration application and extension itself. Application needs .Net 4,5 framework.

Unzip archive to one subdirectory you like. Execute RegisterExtension.exe as ADMINISTRATOR.  Minimalistic window opens.

Pages Thumbnails Registration

Pages Thumbnails Registration

Push [Register extension]. If you get error then most likely program is not running As Administrator.

Restart and you shold have Pages thumbnails.

Developed and Tested on Windows 10 64 bit.






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