Removing Signer Node from Private Ethereum Network

By | 27. August 2020

In previous post we added second signer node to our private blockchain Adding Signer Node to Private Ethereum Network

This time we will remove first node from blockchain. Those two steps can be considered as blockchain migration from one server to another.

It is quite simple, execute in geth  console for both nodes command

clique.propose("0x2C80fc7FAE05Ec4daCC44465fa0a9989C3147bA1", false)

The second parameter ‘false‘ indicates that provided address is proposed to be removed from signers.

Be sure that miner is running on bot nodes.

Result can be confirmed with command:



If addition was successful then only one signer addresses should be in list.

If second node continues successfully mining new blocks the task is completed and first node can be shut down.


new sealer node






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