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5 cents hint – Dump and restore MySQL database on WAMP server

For backing up and restoring MySQL database on WAMP server no fancy tools are needed. Out of the box command line tools will do all you need: Dump database : [path to wamp mysql bin directory]\bin\mysqldump -u[user]-p[password] [database name] > [destination file] For example C:\wamp64\bin\mysql\mysql5.6.17\bin\mysqldump -uroot -p mydatabase > c:\temp\mydatabase.sql   And restoring same thing back: [path to wamp… Read More »

How to change iTunes default backup location.

More and more computers are using fast SSD storage. Even the sizes are growing it it still too valuable space to use for backups. iTunes backs up only part of  iOS data like app files, settings and camera roll photos from the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch each time you sync. Nevertheless, the iOS backup files may quickly accumulate… Read More »

How to create a Plesk Backup from the command line

Plesk has a set of command line tools which we can use to create a backup manually. The tool is called pleskbackup and it lives in the Plesk utilities directory. On CentOS this is in /usr/local/psa/bin. If called without parameters you’ll see a long list of options you can pass to this command: Usage: pleskbackup… Read More »