TP-LINK Deco DHCP issue and how to solve it

By | 28. January 2023
Recently I bought TP-LINK Deco PX50 Hybrid WiFi 6 Mesh System, 3-pack. It is very simple to set up and gives good result in my flat with concrete walls and several other wifi networks around. Today out of bf the blue digibox in one room stopped working. It has cable connector, not wifi. First I suspected faulty cable connector as I made years ago in a hurry and work quality was poor. After fixing cable, rebooting routers and other devices nothing changed. For me was also suspicious that also Kodi Rasperry disapeard from network. Issue was IP address change. Ad first I did not pay attention, but then I noticed that it was absolutlelly in other address range than expected 192.168.68.* instead 192.168.1.*. Obviously same thing happended for digibox what cound not connect to tv service provider network. Finally figured out TP-LINK Deco must be the cause. By default Deco installs itself in WiFi Rourer mode and in this case there is no way to disable DHCP server. Solution was set Deco to Access point mode. ISP provider’s router serves for DHCP as it was previously and issue solved. DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is a network protocol that assigns IP addresses to devices on a network automatically. Disabling DHCP in the Deco software will prevent the router from assigning IP addresses to connected devices, which can be useful in certain situations, such as when you want to use a different device on your network as the DHCP server. To disable DHCP in the Deco software, you will need to log in to the Deco app, and then navigate from “Mode” found at screen bottom More selection to -> “Adcvanced” and -> “Operation Mode”. From there set mode to “Access Point”, this option will disable DHCP. The specific steps may vary depending on your router model and software version, so it’s best to consult the user manual or the help documentation for your specific router for more detailed instructions. Please be aware that if you disable DHCP on the Deco router, you must have anothe DHCP server active in your local network or you will need to manually configure the IP settings of all devices connected to the router.  

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