Windows 10, VPN and default internet traffic

By | 29. July 2015

I used to be easy to disable default gateway for VPN connection and not to send all your home internet traffic trough your office network via VPN.

In windows 10 there is no network options available for VPN configuration, at least in prerelease versions.

But fear not – there is  workaround.

1, Open powershell. If you are not familiar with it, then just start typing pow… and it appears


2.  Execute command


It will list your VPN connection(s) info



Take a note of Name value

3. Execute command

Set-VpnConnection -Name “YourVPN_Name” -SplitTunneling $True

and you are done


If  you want to re-enable default gateway then execute

Set-VpnConnection -Name “YourVPN_Name” -SplitTunneling $False

Update: PC must be rebooted if Tunneling is changed


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