Winows 10 and streaming photos to Xbox One from NAS

By | 23. August 2015

I have used different multimedia devices for years and years. After some failed experimenting with early multimedia streaming devices I ended up with HTPC and later Popcorn players took over.

After another new device – Xbox One – the tech stack was really out if free space and Popcorn C-300.  Xbox blue-ray player worls fine and does decent job as DVD player. Xbox is connected via  S/PDIF to sound system so it sounds good too 🙂

But it is a bit different story with photos and videos. Out of the box Xbox Media player application supports streaming from Windows PC or from DLNA Server. So far Windows Media Center was the intermediate, but in case Windows 10 it is not in the picture any more.

First try was with windows Media streaming.

Media Streaming Options

Media Streaming Options

It allows easily share Pictures, Videos etc from your computer. But as I use external NAS in network it was inaccessible. So next obvious step was DLNA server. In early years mu personal favorite was myiHome what did exactly what expected without overkill complexity. But the development stopped years a go and newer Windows versions it was unusable. I have also tried others like TwonkyMedia server, Plex and others, always missing something. Plex is actually nice, but as my Xbox One is used only rarely for streaming the 4,99$ per month feels like a waste. Everyday streaming in another room and TV is done using old good Networked media tank HDX1000. It connects directly to network shares on NAS and does not need intermediate provider.

So looking again around I found newcomer for me – Emby – former Media Browser. It is free, sure if you like it and use it then voluntary donation will not do any harm. Installation went like breeze, almost … The new  Edge browser sid not allow creating entries in media library configuration, so switched to Chrome.  Administrative interface is my favorite, very clean and nice. On first startup i was a bit confused – seemed like it will ask for an account credentials what were optional on install and what i did not create. But clicking on icon/avatar did the job.

For Xbox serving it is important that in DLNA settings Blast Alive Message must be switched on:

Blast Alive Message

Blast Alive Message


After few moments Xbox One Media player discovered Emby server, streaming photos worked fine, also video files with cover posters were visible. As Media Player still does not support extrenal subtitles there is no hope for that with Emby server either. Plex player can do it but as mentioned it is not free.

At the moment when writing article the total librbay scan is still in progress, so will keep posted. But the start is promising.


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